Wear Resistance Of Diamond Cup Grinding Wheel

Update:30 Apr 2021

Diamond cup grinding wheel is a kind of diamond, which is formed by welding or cold pressing a diamond blade on a metal substrate.

A diamond cup grinding wheel is usually installed on a concrete grinding machine to polish concrete, granite, marble, and other stones. Then Diamond cup grinding wheel has high wear resistance and very little abrasive consumption, especially when grinding hard and brittle workpieces, this is most prominent. When using a Diamond cup grinding wheel to grind hardened steel, its wear resistance is 100~200 times that of general abrasive; when grinding hard alloy, it is 5000~10000 times of general abrasive.

Diamond cup grinding wheel has different types and specifications to meet different application needs. It is generally used to polish concrete, stone, paint, glue, epoxy resin, and other ground coatings.

And Tungsten carbide hole saws can also be used to cut hard materials, which are also very versatile.