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Wood drills are rod-shaped or spiral-shaped tools with a cutting edge at the end, which are used to process through holes or blind holes. The difference between the woodworking head and the woodworking end mill is that there is no edge on the side. In addition to the main cutting edge, the wood drill has a sharp countersunk edge to cut the wood fiber and make the side of the hole flatter. But the length of the wood drill bit is not enough in some places, so there is the emergence of the extra long wood drill bit .

The extra-long wood drill bit has a large cutting capacity and is generally made of ordinary carbon steel, which is simple to manufacture, such as forging, stamping, grinding, etc.

The moving speed of the drill bit on the surface of the grinding wheel is 4~5m/min, and the thickness of the drill bit being ground is less than 0.15mm. Do not press the drill bit hard on the grinding wheel. The drill bit is fed by turning the screw 2. Grind the flank on one side and then grind the other side. To reduce the length of the chisel edge, the chisel edge can be ground by hand on the small diameter grinding wheel from both sides of the spiral groove. After sharpening the drill, use oilstone with a grain size of 200 to 400 for fine polishing.

And woodworking knives and TCT circular saw blades have detailed tool classification methods.


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    The company pursues lean production, strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality system requirements control and implementation of ISO/ ts16949:2002 quality management system, in order to meet the needs of customers, shorten the production cycle, the full implementation of LP and JIT production mode.

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    The company set up a professional technical team, enhance the enterprise's product research and development strength, constantly improve the production process and process, independent research and development of lean production equipment, the use of advanced testing equipment and tooling processing equipment, improve the accuracy of product consistency, so that the quality of products more stable, more reliable.

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    We understand that our customers expect to purchase high quality accessories to ensure the quality of the final product. Therefore, we infiltrate a full set of quality concepts through communication and exchange with customers to ensure that products are effectively controlled in each stage to meet the needs of customers.

  • from outstanding quality.

    Domestic first-class automated production line, sophisticated manufacturing process, quality control personnel and technical personnel directly involved in the production guidance, to ensure the stability and reliability of product quality. Computer aided (manufacturing) system, set design; Manufacturing; Analysis in one, to make the production system components and production procedures to achieve unparalleled integrated operation. Advanced inspection equipment, perfect inspection institutions and procedures, strict industry quality standards, to ensure that the factory products to achieve "zero defects".