Precautions For Polishing Wood Auger Drill Bit

Update:23 Apr 2021

Drill bits are relatively common in our daily lives, and the most common one is probably the wood auger drill bit . After purchasing a drill, the most important thing is to polish the drill. In fact, after polishing, we still have a lot to pay attention to, let's take a look at it together.

After the two blades are sharpened, pay attention to sharpening the tip of the drill bit with a larger diameter. After the two blades of the drill are sharpened, there will be a flat surface at the tip of the two blades, which affects the center positioning of the drill. It is necessary to chamfer the angle behind the blade to make the flat surface of the blade tip as small as possible. The method is to erect the drill bit, align it with the corner of the grinding wheel, and pour a small groove at the root behind the blade against the tip of the blade. This is also an important point for drill centering and cutting briskly. Note that when grinding the chamfer of the cutting edge, do not grind it to the main cutting edge. This will increase the rake angle of the main cutting edge and directly affect the drilling.

Of course, there is no fixed formula for grinding drill bits. It is necessary to accumulate experience in actual operation. Through comparison, observation, and trial and error, the drill bit will grind better. However, the HSS cobalt drill bit is the same.