Number Of Teeth Of TCT Circular Saw Blades

Update:14 May 2021

In our daily life, we can't see TCT circular saw blades, but in many factories, we can see TCT circular saw blades and many other saw blades. Today we will take a look at the number of teeth of the sawtooth

Generally speaking, the more the number of teeth, the more cutting edges in a unit time, the better the cutting performance. However, the more cutting teeth, the more cemented carbide is needed, and the price of the saw blade is higher, but the teeth are too dense. The reduction of the chip volume between the teeth will easily cause the saw blade to heat up; in addition, if there are too many teeth, if the feed is not properly matched, the cutting amount of each tooth will be small, which will intensify the friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece and affect the service life of the cutting edge. Usually, the tooth spacing is 15-25mm, and a reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the material to be sawed.

The number of teeth of the saw blade is determined by the diameter of the saw blade, the thickness of the workpiece, and the material. Generally speaking, the saw blade used to cut thinner workpieces has more teeth and a smaller tooth chamber.

The extra long wood drill bit can't be increased in length casually, so you need to learn more about it before modifying it.