The Grinding Angle Of The Wood Auger Drill Bit

Update:26 Feb 2021

For us, the wood auger drill bit is a tool that is too simple to be simpler, but when we observe its shape, we will find that there are complex layers and details under the simple appearance, so we are also polishing the stone. Need to pay attention to the issue of angle.

The correct drill sharpening should accurately maintain the angle values of the cutting elements and their mutual configuration. After sharpening, the end face of the cutting edge swings <0.08mm, and the allowable angle parameter deviation is ±2°. Burns, peeling, etc. are not allowed on the sharpened surface. The sharpening of the drill can be done with a grinding wheel or a hand file. When sharpening the drill bit on the grinder, choose a hard or medium-soft ordinary grinding wheel with a grain size of 46~60 and a grinding wheel speed of 25m/s. When sharpening, the drill bit can be placed in the special guide groove, the entire special fixture can be turned to a certain angle around the axis (rotate in two directions), and the flank surface can be sharpened according to the formed cone.

HSS cobalt drill bit also needs attention when polishing.