Nodal Cutting Of Cutting Tools Wholesale

Update:05 Mar 2021

In the metal cutting process, the cutting part of the tool is carried out under the conditions of greater cutting force, higher cutting temperature, and severe friction. Whether the choice of cutting tool material is appropriate or not directly affects the life of the cutting tool, cutting efficiency, and the processing quality of the parts. For many cutting tools wholesale merchants, the quality of cutting tool materials does not seem to be the first choice, but it is often the case. What we should pay attention to most. Next, let's take a look at the nodular cutting in cutting tools.

According to the specific conditions of the workpiece material, tool geometry parameters, and cutting amount, the chip shape during turning can be roughly divided into three types, one of which is the nodular chip. There are deep cracks on the back of this kind of chip. Generally, nodular chips are easily formed when roughing medium-hard steel. Shattered chips. When cutting brittle materials such as cast iron and brass, irregular fine granular chips are often formed, which are called crushed chips. When chipping chips are formed, the cutting process is unstable, and the cutting force is concentrated near the cutting edge, which easily causes tool wear and damage, and it is difficult to obtain high surface quality.

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