Elements Of HSS Cobalt Drill Bit

Update:19 Feb 2021

Now there are more and more types of drill bits, and they are becoming more and more convenient to use. Choose to use different types of drill bits according to the use environment and different functions. Today we are talking about the HSS cobalt drill bit .

Cobalt-containing drill bits are drill bits that contain the chemical element cobalt Co. Generally, cobalt is added to the raw material of high-speed steel. The purpose of adding cobalt is to improve the high-temperature resistance and abrasive resistance of the drill bit, to achieve the purpose of drilling. In practice, it is generally used to process stainless steel, copper, and aluminum products. These products have high strength characteristics, that is, poor plasticity. During the drilling process of these materials, the discharged cuttings are attached to the drill bit. To solve this problem, later generations invented the cobalt-containing drill bit. When the ordinary drill bit encounters high temperature, it expands rapidly, and the constant torque applied by the drill shank causes the drill bit itself If it is broken, or the drill tip flanging can not be used; in a word, cobalt-containing drills are added with the chemical element cobalt, which is used to cut high-speed steel that is highly abrasive and easily produces high-temperature metals.

The wood auger drill bit is relatively simple. The wood auger bit is inseparable from the material of wood, and the wood auger drill bit is the earliest.