TCT Circular Saw Blades Cost Performance

Update:26 Mar 2021

TCT circular saw blades are a kind of alloy saw blades, which is a common international name.

The substrate adopts the unique circular rotating cone roller rolling and weft processing technology and manufacturing process in the world today so that the substrate has excellent rigidity. The uniform structure and mechanical properties are symmetrically distributed with the center of the circle, and the stress is evenly distributed at the center of the circle to exert the extraordinary ability to rotate and straightening. The carbide saw blade has excellent cutting accuracy. The high-performance alloy saw teeth sintered with high-quality nano-scale tungsten carbide, cobalt and other rare metals advanced technology make the saw blade sharp and durable. The saw road has good straightness, and the cut surface is smooth and without marks. The performance-price ratio of the saw blade has been widely praised and favored by users. It lays the foundation for users to produce high-quality products and reduce production costs.

The above is some introduction to TCT circular saw blades. For more details, please visit the extra long wood drill bit .