Advantages Of HSS Cobalt Drill Bit

Update:02 Apr 2021

The common drill material models of high-speed steel drill bits are the HSS cobalt drill bit , HSSE drill bit, and other materials. The uniform characteristic of high-speed steel is that it is wear-resistant and not easy to break. Its drawback is that the hardness is limited, and some materials cannot be processed. Why do many manufacturers choose high-speed steel as the most drill bit Raw materials?

One is because the material price of high-speed steel is moderate, and there are many materials it can process, such as the production of the most common environmentally friendly iron, aluminum, copper, better high-speed steel, cobalt-containing high-speed steel can also be well processed 303,304 stainless steel, Therefore, it is reasonable to choose high-speed steel as the raw material for drill bits.

High-speed steel drill bits are not easy to break and wear resistance, etc. They are very good. Generally speaking, high-speed steel drill bits in factories in need are actually more cost-effective, because the unit price is low and the quality is fair. It is good to use high-speed steel drills unless you encounter extremely hard materials, the high-speed steel drills will not work and then choose other drills.

In addition to the HSS cobalt drill bit, the wood auger drill bit is also one of the very good and very popular drill bits.