Problems That Occur When TCT Circular Saw Blades Are Used

Update:20 Nov 2020

In our daily life, we know less about TCT Circular Saw Blades , so let us talk about what TCT circular saw blades are. Carbide circular saw blade, TCT circular saw blade for short

Cemented carbide is a hard material made by sintering tungsten carbide powder at high temperature, and cobalt is a binder. It is also called tungsten steel. Cemented carbide is used as the cutter head and welded to the base of the round alloy tool steel plate. High quality alloy circular saw blade.

When using a circular saw blade, you will inevitably encounter various problems, such as insufficient wear resistance of the teeth, chipping or tooth loss, running saws, rough surface cutting, and cracking of the bottom of the teeth. The size of the circular saw teeth has been scientifically calculated, which can minimize welding residual stress without false welding and desoldering.

Circular saw blades will not only have some minor problems during use, but also will have some minor problems after use, such as chipping of the saw teeth, fluffing of the workpiece surface, and a sharp increase in sawing ability. In order to ensure the quality of sawing and the safety of sawing, skilled operators must timely regrind and clean the grinding wheel and saw blade, and regularly remove the dirt on the surface of the saw tooth to ensure the sawing effect. saw.