How Much Do You Know About Wood Auger Drill Bits?

Update:13 Nov 2020

Wood Auger Drill Bits are mainly designed for woodworking electric drills. The rotation direction of the drill is divided into (left hand (L), right hand (R)). The drill bit can drill and mill standard and smooth inner holes of various composite boards and solid wood. It is mainly used to make suites, custom wardrobes, TV cabinets, cabinets, computer desks and other furniture manufacturers. It is usually used for row drilling rigs, bench drilling rigs, hinge machines and mechanical equipment in certain machining centers.

Twist drills are special drills used for electric drills. It is divided into left and right rotation directions. The difference between an electric drill and other drills is the shank. There is a flat surface on the handle for fixing with screws.

The main components of the drill bit can be divided into shank and blade, and the blade can be divided into spiral body + alloy head. The function of the knife handle is installed on the chuck, and the blade is the cutting part, which can work effectively.

Through hole drilling: Literally speaking, the advantage of punching is that the top is very sharp and will not burst compared with blind holes

Blind hole drilling: no need to drill through the board, relatively speaking, the requirements for the drill are not very high

The hinge drill and the four-blade drill have the same function but different names. Among all our four-blade drills, the four-blade drills are called hinge drills. Mainly used for row drills and bench drills. The smallest of the two is 15. The maximum size of a four-edged drill is 100

The door core in the Sarah drill bit may twist and the center of the step drill bit is fixed

Sarah drill core is all high-speed steel, step drill is alloy

The total length of sand drill is 100, the total length of step drill is 80 or 70

Lengthened drill bit: The drill bit is usually 70MM or 100MM. Literally understand lengthening, that is, lengthened row drilling. There are 80, 90, 100, and 120 long.