Preparation Process Of Threading Tool

Update:04 Dec 2020

Both project managers and construction personnel need to master certain construction techniques. Threading is a technical task, it is not as easy as imagined, so it requires a certain level of skills. However, in the current threading tools and threading technology, all wiring harness manufacturing, industrial equipment cable installation, electrical testing equipment and engine testing fields, wiring harness protection needs to protect the point line installation bellows to improve its reliability. However, in the existing installation scheme, the worker presses the dotted wire into the corrugated tube, which not only has low work efficiency, but also easily causes injury to the worker's hand when the operator presses the wire in by hand. high. not tall. However, many workers use threading tools but do not know the threading process.

Before using the threading tool, we need to check the pipe groove, add the steel pipe to the nozzle, and then try on the embedded steel pipe. Then explain the system structure, threading process, quality points, and pay attention to protecting the cables of all personnel related to threading. During planning and grouping, the cables are grouped. After completing this operation, we need to perform a continuity test on each cable to compensate for perforations, correct marking errors and be prepared. Then immediately organize the threading report, and then fix the bridge cover. This is the general process of threading.

Compared with threading tools, the preparation process of threading tools is more complicated. Whether it is the preparation before work or the finishing get off work after work, it will be more troublesome, not to mention a series of maintenance and maintenance work. The threading tool also needs regular maintenance, and the cutting tool also needs regular maintenance and maintenance. However, whether the cutting tool is used before, during or after use, the process is relatively simple and random, or it can be said that there is no process, so the threading tool at this time will be more troublesome. Similarly, threading tools and cutting tools should also pay attention to specifications and take protective measures to avoid unnecessary trouble.

In daily life, cutting tools are used more than thread tools, so many small suppliers will choose cutting tools wholesale instead of thread tools, so thread tools are not available in some places.