Bi-Metal Hole Saws Research And Development New Technology

Update:04 Dec 2020

As a cutting tool, the bimetal hole saw is very useful and practical. The Bi-metal hole saws has versatility and fast cutting. Most importantly, it is durable, has a long service life, and always maintains clarity. It applies a lot of torque, that is, a thick support plate with perforations can simplify drilling operations. Damage caused by the torque generated in the motor.

Conventional hole processing methods can be roughly divided into two types. The first is that when the hole diameter is small, the drill bit can be used for direct drilling, reaming and reaming. When the hole is large, boring, grinding and other methods can be used to improve efficiency. Imprinting or other processing methods can also be used.

At present, the existing metal hole saw consists of a saw blade, a core column and a center drill. The serrations on the saw blade are arranged neatly, the serrations are easy to break when opening the hole, and the opening speed is slow. Bi-metal hole saws with sharp teeth, fast opening speed and durability are still under development. It includes a saw blade with serrated teeth, a core column and a center drill. The saw blade and the center drill are fixed on the rod. Staggered inside and outside the interval.

Compared with the prior art, the saw blade with a new serrated structure has sharp teeth, increased hole opening speed, smooth cutting, low vibration, durability, resistance to breakage, and the cutting edge is not easy to fall off. Especially when punching holes in thin plates, this is half of ordinary metal hole saws. However, there are more and more specifications, ranging from 14mm to 170mm, which can be applied to various purposes.

Although gusset Brad point drill bit is used more than bimetal hole openers, gusset drill bits are not as popular as bimetal hole openers. Although the two are not used in daily life, they are still very valuable.