How To Improve The Sawing Quality Of TCT Circular Saw Blades

Update:19 Aug 2020

The sawing quality of TCT Circular Saw Blades has a great relationship with the factors such as whether the drum of feeding frame rotates synchronously, whether the felt is intact and clean, and whether the residual garbage on the surface of profile is cleaned up, as follows:

1. Check whether the drum of the feeding rack rotates synchronously before starting up, and whether the protective felt is in good condition and clean.

2. Check whether the table top of the machine tool is clean, check whether the material frame or material rack is in good condition, and whether the screws at the bottom and both sides of the material frame are loose.

3. Lift the material to the material rack, the height of which is more than 10cm higher than the material frame, and then put it in the material rack to avoid the collision between the profile and the material frame. At the same time, handle it with care.

4. When sawing, a plurality of saws clean the garbage on the machine table, and then cut the next batch of materials. Many saws mainly pay attention to the pressing device, to ensure the stability of pressing and sawing. Many saws have corresponding requirements on the number of teeth and angle of TCT circular saw blades, which is different from single sawing.

5. In the process of framing, the profile should keep a certain distance from both sides of the material frame. There should be a certain gap between profiles or be separated from each other by high temperature felt. Avoid rubbing flowers and bumping. After sawing, the profiles must be placed neatly, with no burrs at both ends, no deformation at the saw mouth and no oil stains; The aluminium scrap on the profile surface should be blown clean to prevent the aluminium scrap from scratching the profile for the second time.

6. When framing profiles, the principle of placing long materials below, short materials above, thick materials below and thin materials above must be followed.