What Is The Function Of Quick Action Clamp?

Update:25 Nov 2022

The quick action clamp is a fast and versatile clamping tool for situations where clamping speed is a priority. It is a clamp designed with a mechanism that allows the user to quickly open and close the jaws in one motion. It is sometimes called a quick-release clamp because it quickly clamps the workpiece and releases it from the clamp. Due to its ease of use, this clip is very popular and useful for DIYers and professionals. It provides a very strong and reliable clamping with minimal effort.

The clip can also easily be called a one-handed clip because it can be tightened and loosened with one hand. It may not sound like much, but having one hand free at all times is a big advantage for users who operate tools quickly. This tool is perfect for the type of work that requires you to perform with one hand, such as overhead tasks, or when you need to use another tool to complete the clamping.

It's also a great advantage in situations where you need to grab a large or heavy object and hold the workpiece with the other hand until it's in place. One-handed operation allows you to quickly put parts of the workpiece into place, useful in complex or tedious jobs.

Quick clamping fixtures typically include a mandrel that is threaded for ease of movement and maximum clamping force. It also features a fixed jaw and a sliding jaw, both of which are drop forged and made of hardened and tempered carbon tool steel. It also contains a mounted locking pawl to prevent accidental opening of the clip.

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