Suitable For TCT Circular Saw Blades Substrate

Update:17 Dec 2020

We usually use carbide-tungsten carbide insert circular saw blades, TCT circular saw blades for short. As a carbide cutting tool cemented carbide saw blades are specially made for cutting and grooving metal materials. They are the most commonly used cutting tools in wood product processing. The quality of carbide saw blades is closely related to the quality of processed products. Correct and reasonable selection of carbide saw blades is of great significance for improving product quality, shortening the processing cycle, and reducing processing costs.

The base materials suitable for carbide circular saw blades are: 65Mn, 50Mn2V, SK5, SKS51, 75Cr1, etc. The welding materials mainly include silver welding wire and silver welding pieces. The middle layer of the silver welding piece is copper, and the two sides are silver, so it is called a "sandwich" welding piece, which mainly plays the role of eliminating welding stress and slowing down cutting impact. The blades of electronic saws are usually welded by silver soldering blades.

The quality of cemented carbide circular saw blades depends on the basic steel plate material, hardened saw blade material, suitability of welding materials, and the fineness of the manufacturing process.

Common types of cemented carbide are tungsten* (code YG), tungsten titanium (code YT). Because tungsten* type cemented carbide has better impact resistance, it has been widely used in the wood processing industry. The commonly used model in wood processing is YG8-YG15. The number after YG indicates the percentage of *content. As the content increases, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy will increase, but the hardness and wear resistance will decrease. Choose according to the actual situation. This is also true when choosing extra long wood drill bit . Choose according to your actual situation. Don't blindly follow the crowd or choose arbitrarily, to avoid unnecessary waste or wrong purchase.