Structural Analysis of Common Wood Auger Drill Bit

Update:23 Oct 2020

There are many types of Wood Auger Drill Bit structures. The reasonable structure of the drill bit must meet the following requirements:

①The cutting part adapted to the drilling conditions must have a normal angle and size.

②The chips can be separated freely during drilling and can be discharged out of the hole in time as they are formed.

③It can be sharpened many times conveniently, and the angle value and main size parameters of the cutting part after sharpening remain unchanged.

④Maximum productivity and good processing quality.

The structure of the drill bit is determined by its working conditions: the drilling direction relative to the fiber, the drilling diameter, the drilling depth, and the required processing accuracy and productivity.

Wood drill bits are professional tools used in the woodworking industry. Wood drill bits have a large cutting sales volume and do not require high tool hardness. The tool material is usually high-speed steel.

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