Precautions And Correct Use Of Bi-metal Hole Saws

Update:16 Sep 2022

The larger the size of the bimetal hole saw, the higher the strength and the slower the speed.

1. Please wear safety protection equipment during construction.

2. It cannot be used for cold work die steel, alloy structural steel, and quenched and tempered stainless steel plates.

3. When opening a hole, keep the hole saw perpendicular to the working surface.

4. The larger the product model, the higher the strength of the raw material and the slower the speed.

5. Opening holes with thick raw materials will accelerate the damage to the tooth surface. It is necessary to add refrigerant to prevent the cutting edge from being burned out.

6. It is suitable for electric hand drills, bench drills,s or dual-purpose drills with deformation functions. When using a dual-purpose drill with a dual-purpose function, turn off the impact function.

The hole saw has obvious advantages in cutting effect, cutting speed, use time, etc., and is cost-effective.
In order to improve the actual cutting effect and prolong the service life, please use it correctly:

1. In order to avoid quenching caused by high temperature during the whole process of opening, please add appropriate high-quality cutting oil to the cutting material before cutting.

2. During the entire cutting process, please strictly implement the speed application on the tachometer.

3. In order to prevent the sawtooth from being worn too quickly and excessively, please cut according to the standard method during the whole cutting process. The working pressure should not be too high, the speed should not be too fast, and it should run at a uniform speed.