Necessary Threading Tools For Electricians, Use It To Thread Wires With Less Effort

Update:06 Nov 2020

When decorating the house and installing the circuit, the wires and tubes are pre-buried in the wall so that they cannot be seen from the outside and will not affect their aesthetics. After the wire tube is buried, threading the wire from the inside becomes a more troublesome thing. Sometimes it takes a long time to thread a more wire. The reason is that the method of wearing the wires is not very good.

The old-fashioned way of threading wires is to put a small steel wire in the wire tube in advance, and bend the steel wire to buckle the outer edge of the tube at the exit, so that the wire will not be retracted and cannot be reached by the time. When you want to install the circuit later, tie the wire to one end of the wire, and then pull the other end of the wire, so that the wire can be pulled out of the tube.

It is also feasible to install wires in this way, and the installation of wires in the past was done in this way, but the method of installing wires in this way is slower and more troublesome. Especially when it comes to corners, it sometimes takes a long time to pull the wires out of the inside. This old method has been abandoned since the new method of installing wires has been introduced. The new method of installing wires is more efficient and time-saving.

Nowadays, special threading tools are used to install wires. The advantage of this threading tool is that it is easy to pull the wires, and the wires can be quickly pulled out of the 90-degree corner in time, which is very convenient and fast.

Professional threading tools are actually made by wet and dry, but the steel wire is wrapped with a layer of plastic material. After adding this layer of plastic on the outside, the steel wire not only becomes harder, but the surface is also very smooth, so that it is easier to pull the wire, and it will not get stuck like pure steel wire. This threading tool is also equipped with pulleys at both ends. When installing the wire, thread the pulley into the tube, and then pull the other end. The operation is relatively simple.

The wire should also be secured with a wire tensioner so that it will not loose when threading the wire. When installing, you need to make the wire into a figure-8 shape, and then push the tight spring up to buckle the wire, so even if it is ready, then go to the other end to pull the wire, and use this threading tool to change it. This threading tools is very simple and easy to operate.