Introduction Of Cobalt Drill Bit And Why Choose

Update:12 Aug 2022

What is a Cobalt Drill Bit?

Cobalt bits are a mixture of steel (or other alloys) with a small amount of cobalt (usually between 5-7%). Cobalt has a melting point of 1495°C and a boiling point of 2927°C, making it ideal for use at high temperatures. By combining a small amount of cobalt with another alloy, the results are incredible.

Why choose Cobalt Drill Bit?

Cobalt bits are very strong. They can operate at much higher speeds than standard HSS drills. Heat resistance means cobalt drills can operate for extended periods of time without cooling or cutting fluid.

They are most commonly used for cutting hardened and abrasive materials. Cobalt bits are capable of cutting through the toughest metals, including bronze, cast iron, stainless steel, and titanium. They are also able to cut welds.

The cutting edge of a premium cobalt drill should last longer than a standard HSS drill. Like other HSS drills, they are corrosion resistant, which means they should maintain their condition under all storage and use conditions they may encounter. However, cobalt can be brittle. If your cobalt bits are not properly maintained or dropped, they can break - which can be costly.