How Wood Bits Are Used And Common Types Of Wood Bits?

Update:26 Aug 2022

Use the correct wood drill

Manufacturers use different types of drill bits to extend product life and reduce friction. The drill bit consists of a steel, tungsten, and molybdenum alloy.

It can be high-speed steel (HSS), cobalt alloy high-speed steel, titanium-coated high-speed steel, black oxide-coated high-speed steel, or cemented carbide.

HSS, titanium-coated, and black oxide-coated drill bits are ideal for wood drilling.

Before you start drilling, you need to determine two main aspects, the type of wood and the type of holes you need.

Learn about the properties of wood - the two main types of wood are softwood and hardwood. There is also a lot of variation in hardness between these categories. The type of wood has a big impact on the choice of the drill bit.

It is easier and smoother to drill soft pine wood with a regular drill bit than hardwood. You can drill softwood with steel (HSS), but for hardwood, you will need titanium or black oxide coated wood bits

Which type of drill is best for wood?

Wood bits can vary because you can do so many projects with wood, and they come in different sizes to meet those needs. If you are working on a wood project that requires a power drill, you must have the best wood drill.

Here are the most common types of wood drill bits you need to know about:

twist wood
Brad's point (lip and spur)
Auger Bit
Countersunk bit
Forstner drill
hole saw
Masonry drills etc.