How To Select High Quality HSS Cobalt Drill Bit

Update:06 Aug 2020

As we all know, with the high speed of spindle in machining centers at home and abroad, and the development of hot-sleeve tool technology, it has gradually become a major mainstream to process high-strength and high-speed materials, which also makes HSS Cobalt Drill Bit with high quality and stable performance play an important role in major processing industries. So how to choose this indispensable HSS cobalt drill bit?

1. Look at the cutting parameters

Generally speaking, when choosing HSS cobalt drill bit, the cutting parameters are mainly cutting speed and feed speed, and the selection of this cutting parameter will be affected by many aspects such as cutting tool system, machine tool and clamping mode. If the speed requirement is high, HSS cobalt drill bit with these two parameters should be chosen. Of course, this specific speed can be adjusted appropriately during specific operation, but the adjustable range and limit value will be different.

2. Look at the machining accuracy

It can't be denied that HSS cobalt drill bit with different price and quality can achieve different machining accuracy. Therefore, if there are high requirements for workpiece accuracy, HSS cobalt drill bit with slightly higher price and high ball head accuracy can be selected.

3. Look at the shape and processing depth of the workpiece

Because there are several kinds of HSS cobalt drill bit, which are generally divided into standard type, long neck type and taper neck type, which one should be selected according to the requirements of the shape and machining depth of the workpiece to be machined. Generally speaking, the taper neck type HSS cobalt drill bit has better hardness and rigidity, which can further optimize the cutting conditions and achieve better machining accuracy.

Therefore, if we want to choose a high-end practical HSS cobalt drill bit, we can choose the desired machining effect of the workpiece and the shape of the workpiece itself. In addition, we can choose HSS cobalt drill bit with different coatings according to the type and hardness of the workpiece.