Grind Out A Fast And Durable Wood Auger Drill Bit

Update:08 Jan 2021

Drills are already a very common tool in our daily lives. The wood auger drill bit used to be used for woodworking more often, but now it is basically a must for every household. So do you know how to sharpen a drill bit to be fast and durable?

First, we need to prepare a piece of diamond to repair the grinding wheel. It can be distinguished by points and faces, and it is better to repair the grinding wheel. Secondly, make sure the switch button of the grinder is clear, green start, and red stop. Because the fast-rotating grinding wheel may be broken and cause accidents if it is used incorrectly, please operate with caution. When the grinding wheel is found to be worn seriously, it is necessary to replace the new grinding wheel. The new grinding wheel is safe and efficient to sharpen the knife. Next, sharpen the cutting edge of the drill bit. Before starting, use a diamond pen to repair the grinding wheel surface, so that the drill bit does not bounce when it is attached, it is very stable, and the grinding effect is better. After the chisel blades on both sides are sharpened, comb the blade grooves where there are edges and corners, because the drill tip used for centering cannot be too large. At the end of the end, the two sides of the drill bit should be ground as evenly as possible, so that the force will be even, and the answer will take longer. Remember to look at the finished effect.

For the HSS cobalt drill bit you want to grind fast and well, and the grinding method is the same.